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Digital presence is essential as research shows that 57% of consumers will check a Facebook page to see the legitimacy of a business before they spend with them, whether an online store or within the services industry.

Last week I had the pleasure of playing a small part in something that has a big place in my heart… “paying-it-forward”. Take a look at Tamsyn from Hello Hair and how she gave the gift of her expertise to make someone else feel good ❤️💜

Having experience both a Brazilian and the Smoothing Gel treatment on my hair... here's my take on it!

Hair trends for the cold winter months... see our selection for 2020 x

Check out my experience, using the 72 Hair pHrizzy-o-therapy de-frizz and smoothing shampoo treatment. Loving my hair 🌸

This is a guide to assisting you in choosing the correct tint shade and how to apply your colour at home. 💙🖤

So what's the point... I'm thinking of ways to help my network and community, by doing the things I love the most!

After fighting cancer for 4 years I realised I need to start using products that absorb less chemicals into my body, and go back to basics. Read about my cancer journey and the changes I've made to my hair routine.