25 Aug

Coming out of a global pandemic, and a national lockdown can be extremely stressful for salons and small businesses.

There are several questions that need to be answered;

How to retain current customers?
After all it’s been 5 months ! Will your clients still be there? Will they still have budget to spend on your services or products?
Right now, servicing those customers thoroughly and depending on your environment, by giving them peace of mind that they are in a safe, virus free setting is of paramount importance.

How to win market share?

How are small salons and businesses going to win market share in their areas and community while consumers are struggling to keep afloat during the lockdown? Not all of us are going to, unfortunately.

But having a sound offering, and a quality product (this means the service you are offering your clients, whether it be hair, nails, good conversation and place to vent) is essential.

How do we get back into the market?

The quickest and most efficient and effective financial solution is having a digital presence.

Digital research shows that 57% of consumers will check a Facebook page to see the legitimacy of a business before they spend with them, whether an online store or within the services industry.

With a quick turnaround time on production, you could be live and online in no time.

Having your ‘online shopfront’ and social media presence creates a platform for you to showcase among other things all COVID safety precautions within your environment, specials you are running, and a representation of the work that you offer to those “safety savvy” individuals who do have the means to spend after lockdown.

Contact Hair-la-quin, we have tailored our packages to assist Salon’s and SME’s to be able to relaunch their services and products without the large agency price tag.

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