18 May

SO… What’s the point?

While sitting at home for 7 weeks, or what seemed like ’30-hundred, and fifty six million days’ on lockdown, it became apparent that small businesses, like myself, where the ones suffering the most. Big corporations were managing to stay afloat with government assistance but those of us who live hand-to-mouth were worrying where our next month of groceries were coming from.

My partner and I decided to spend the time being productive, in-between home schooling my Grade R twins, cleaning the house, doing washing, cooking what seemed like a never-ending array of meals… we decided that SME’s need help. The best way to do that is for us to stick together and support each other within our own networks.

So, how on earth do we do that? I hear you ask…

I’ve tailor made an offering that I hope will ease the burden for our small businesses;

  • Assist businesses in promoting their services online; whether that be via social media, paid media, earned or owned media or editorials on this site. It could also involve setting up an online store!
    Online provides a huge platform to promote all types of business, depending on the services you offer.
  • Provide these businesses with reasonable pricing, agency thinking, agency skillset without the big advertising agency price tag.
  • Would you like to launch or pre-launch your product or service, we can assist with that too!
  • Showcase our SME business owners, provide profiles showcasing your specific skillset and the services you offer. After all, people interact with people, not with businesses.

As a result of COVID-19, we are never going to go back to what we have all considered “normal”, so we are forced to create a new normal. Part of that “new normal” is changing the way we do business, and constantly thinking of ways to support each other and adapting as the landscape changes.

Let’s lift up our network!

Let’s lift up each other together!

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