01 Nov

This time honoured tradition encourages men around the world to stand together in solidarity and support for the fellow bro's in our lives. 

Brovember is a month dedicated to raising awareness around men's health issues and suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer and to help fund the research into men's health. It's about bringing guys together in brotherhood, reaching out, talking about how they feel and sharing experiences. It's ok to not be ok sometimes, and that we ARE allowed to talk about our feelings.


Just like in life, growing out facial hair or daily shaving can also come with some challenges, but fear not, Educated Beards are here to help you. They've put together an amazing premium feel range to make it as easy as possible for you to join in on the "Men's Grooming" revolution without the hassles men face everyday.

Great! So you've decided to grow to unite with blokes all over the world and grow your beard or moustache the Brovember? The beginning of the journey is always the hardest. Many bro's struggle with itchy, dry or flakey skin. This is due to facial fuzz robbing the skin of natural oils as soon as the hair grows out.

To combat this common problem, we recommend the Beard Wash to cleanse the dead skin, unblock pores and in-growns, rehydrate and keep your skin healthy and nourished. Our beard wash will also promote healthy blood flow to feed the hair due to ingredients such as Hemp seed oil and Olive fruit thus leading to healthier fuller beard growth, even if you normally struggle to grow a beard. 

As the beard grows out further, add some Beard Oil to your routine to keep you skin and beard nourished. They're full of the best natural and organic ingredients designed to protect and care for your skin. Healthy skin leads to healthy growth! Some of these ingredients include, Jojoba oil (pronounced Ho-ho-ba), Grape Seed oil, which has anti-aging properties, Argan oil and essential oils. The essential oils give off a great natural fragrance, such as Peppermint Cedarwood, Bergamot Grapefruit and Balsam Eclipse for ALL-DAY skin and beard protection. We never rocommend using products with *Parfum in, on your face. If you don't like fragranced products, as some men don't, then try the Unscented version.

As your beard gains some length, we then recommend adding the nourishing Beard Butter Cream. Butters also protect the skin, but most of all, they condition and soften your beard. Consider it a leave-in conditioner. Beards are generally more course and require nourishment to keep them feeling healthy. Take a small amount of product and work it into your hands, watch it melt into a smooth consistency, and then apply throughout your beard. Brush through with as Boar Bristle Brush , as this is gentler on your skin than synthetic brushes or use the Cellulose Acetate Comb, and enjoy the look and incredible feel of your beard.

Lastly, once youve reached some cosiderable beard length, you can style and shape your beard with Beard Balm. Our balm has a slight hold factor, therefore making it great to blow dry with and keep your beard looking great all day, giving you that "Just stepped out of the barbershop" feel. You'll be the talk of your friends at any event.

*Also check out our Book of Beards for the serious beard grower. The book contains everything you'll need for growing out the best beard you can, including all products and the to tools to maintain it perfectly.

WAIT!!! We also have Shave Soap

For those gents that DO like a clean shave, we've got you covered there too! We have introduced Shave Soap to the range to give you the ultimate razor glide. The shave soaps also have all the essential ingredients for healthy skin. due to its Tallow base, it will not dry out during your shave, and will leave your skin feeling hydrated, soft and invigorated. Whip it up into a smooth marshmallow consistency and enjoy the best shave experience of your life! You can thank us later.

Educated Beards will help you look your best, and when you look good, you feel good too! Allowing you to take on life's challenges with confidence and ease.

Take care of yourself, and each other. Let's make the world a better place together... "LIVE THE EDUCATED LIFESTYLE!"

For more information about the brand or if you just want to chat with a fellow bearded Bro for advice, call Shaun from @Shift_hairandbeauty

Mobile: 079 459 6161

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