26 May

2 months of lockdown, and although we are about to go into Level 3, our hairdressers are still unable to work. F#@%* Yip, I hear you!!!
There is still hope with our lockdown (and post lockdown) Hair@Home colour kits ❤

Here’s the low-down on what to do;

If you are a highlighter and can’t get to the salon for your foils (especially during lockdown), please don’t try them at home. The home highlight disaster will take some serious assistance from a professional to fix… and right now, that’s not possible and no one wants to walk around looking like a zebra crossing.

Choose a shade that is lighter than your natural root colour, or a shade that’s lighter and in between your natural and highlighted colour. This will allow you to blend the roots so the contrast isn’t too bad.

Try a colour from our Ash or Naturals range.

If you need to go even lighter, we would recommend our hi-lifters. For that process, we’ll put you in touch with one of our designated professional stylists to assist you with the colour choice and application process. Let’s not mess up those beautiful blonde locks!

If you are a tinter and need to match your current colour to fill-the-gap, then it’s all about the correct developer and here’s how to pick the right shade for you;

Match your new colour to the current colour that is on your mid-length and ends, taking into account your natural root colour. If you have darker lengths and a light regrowth, go with a shade or two darker on your roots to blend.

Need to cover your grey’s?

Our full colour range offers amazing grey coverage, and our Hair@Home kits have got you sorted.

So now you’ve picked your colour,
ordered your pack and it’s arrived…
this is where the fun begins.

A few general tips to consider;

✂ Sectioning the hair is key.

✂ Cover thin sections of hair to ensure good coverage.

✂ Only apply the tint to your regrowth area and not on the previous colour.

✂ We recommend a tint brush (which you’ll receive in your pack) to ensure you colour evenly.

Mixing your product

For a root application mix a third of your tube (look for the markings on the tube so you know how much to squeeze out) with 45ml of peroxide. (your Hair@Home kit has 150ml of peroxide)

For a full head application for medium length hair mix half a tube of colour with 75ml peroxide.

The general ratio is 1:1,5 of colour and developer in proportion. If you are unsure, we can put you in touch with one of our professional stylists to assist you via video call.

Application Time… YAY!

🎨 Get some clips and divide the hair into 4 sections (down the middle and front and back – picture a hot cross bun, you get the idea?)

🎨 Start at the front of your hairline and work towards the back.

🎨 When applying tint apply in vertical rows on the front of the hair and horizontal rows on the back of the hair. These rows should be approximately 1 cm thick.

🎨 Remember to only paint the root regrowth and not the previously coloured hair.

🎨 Once you have completed the application process, leave the tint on your hair to develop for 35 minutes. For those stubborn greys, add an extra 10 minutes to the processing time.

🎨 Jump in the shower and wet the hair a little and rub the colour through your hair, this process is called “emulsifying the hair”, this is also a good opportunity to rub the hairline where you have processed tint on your skin to remove it.

🎨 Once you’ve emulsified and rinsed the hair thoroughly, a good quality salon shampoo and conditioner will go a long way to holding the colour for longer.

A few final tips;

Get some “hair towels” that you just use for your hair as they will get some tint on them if you have longer hair.

Use your gloves that come in the pack when applying colour… nothing says “I’ve just coloured my hair at home” like stained fingers and nails.


We would love to see the Before and After shots and let us know if we can post them to our FB page. It’s a Hair-la-quin Revolution, and there’s no need to compromise on your hair. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a pamper even if it’s in the comfort of your own home.

Click on the link to download a printable version of these instructions for your Hair@Home Kit.

Hairlaquin Applying Color.pdf

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