Hello Hair Fourways
Blogging & PR

Showcasing the journey and work Tamsyn Reynolds has done for her community.


Hair-la-quin first made contact with Tamsyn Reynolds, the owner of Hello Hair Fourways when she offered a free "make-over" to a mom-trepeneur, much like herself.

We were tasked to blog about her "Pay-it Forward" initiative to encourage people in the community to support the partners involved in this project.

Hair-la-quin was also tasked by Tamsyn to promote and share her story of her journey into success and the revamp of her Fourways salon, Hello Hair, to inspire and encourage the community.


Check out our two blogs here;




A snapshot of how our organic post faired. We shared the post strategically to community groups in the area to gain exposure for Hello Hair, and to encourage the community to get involved in 'giving back'.