Active Manuka Honey Body Lotion


Your body is also subject to the elements and can show signs of aging if not carefully treated. Use this rich and creamy lotion to moisture the whole body. It's packed with the power of Active Manuka Honey and premium natural plat oils such as Rosehip, Sunflower seed and Kiwifruit seed oils plus vitamins. These incredible ingredients work not only to retain moisture, but also to treat the skin with anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

R150 R250(-40%)

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The anti-microbial activity of Bio Active Manuka Honey reduces harmful bacteria on the skin and anti-inflammatory properties soothe and soften irritated, dry skin.


The biological activity of Bio Active Manuka Honey and plant botanicals help the skin to retain moisture, significantly improving skin texture and appearance.


The nutrients in Bio Active Manuka Honey and natural plant botanicals help maintain healthy, youthful skin through promoting the metabolic processes and growth of skin cells. Powerful anti-oxidants offset free radical damage reducing the skins signs of aging.