Oxidising, cream hair dye for totally safe, glossy, natural tones. A combination of highly reliable, extremely pure, latest generation dyes will ensure hold, stability and shine and total respect of the hair structure. A balanced protective and conditioning effect with glossy and precise shades. Providing perfect coverage for grey hair and lightening effect on natural hair.


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100ml tube

A balanced synergy of active elements; colorants, Ammonium Hydroxide (bleach) and Oxygen combined in a perfect formula which respects the hair structure, ensuring maximum protection while giving intense, glossy results.

My Color is made from a combination of carefully selected cosmetic substances, among which Karite butter, which has a soothing and protective effect as well as acting as a sun-screen. Jojoba Oil extracted from Jojoba seeds (Simmondsia chinensis), an excellent emollient and lubricant, highly substantive cationic polymer which penetrates in-depth to complete treatment and protect the hair, leaving it strong and glossy. Magnesium Sulphate, a natural, inorganic substance, used to help the color penetrate in-depth and fix it.

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